Hello my name is Miriam alias the #jackalady, I’m from San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico. I was introduced to work with the jackfruit when I was only 13 years old, in my familie’s farm. My town was the first to commercialize this large, rare and uninviting fruit in Mexico. We started by making jams and concentrates from the jackfruit, matured jackfruit was what we started to cook, however not many in Mexico understood it or even dared to try it, much less buy it. Our family farm and processing plant had a lot of waste and left over jack fruit that they didn’t know what to do with.

Miriam along with her mother Rodelinda Joya were dedicated to take advantage of all the Jackfruit in her hometown, and this is how they founded the first family business. They sold products made from Jackfruit. Over the next years she faced great challenges to promote the product and to create a culture of using the strange fruit at their homes. Miriam had the vision of being able to expand this product abroad where the culture of vegetarianism and veganism was already acceptable. So, she emigrated to the United States, to start a new life as every immigrant does in search of the american dream. She was motivated her to keep going, as the brave and brilliant woman, undeniably strong, went ahead with her 3 children, supporting them without neglecting her family and giving life to her Jackfruit movement. Miriam decided to face herself in an unknown country, her dreams and goals motivated her day after day to become someone who could let her country know her roots but most importantly her ability to elaborate products that would help their health and nutrition.

Miriam with more than 15 years of experience cooking and working with thIS fruit, knew she could do more than just make the fruit known. She wanted to make Jackfruit a movement for healthy delicious vegetarian or vegan option from something that could eradicate world hunger. Her innovative products led her to make herself known throughout California, encountering great challenges like the rejection and uncertainty of being able to sell this products in the American market. She went to Swap meets, events, parties and door to door. In her long struggle to introduce her product to the American community, many people discouraged her but there were those who helped her to continue fighting for her dreams and her family back in Mexico. She persisted and never gave up her dream. Until one good day she was ask to do an interview with on a local TV show. After that she was approached by the University of Fresno State department of small business administration, where they had professional marketing staff trained to supported and guided her to provide a better customer service and establish her company, this is how Jack-Nay Imports and Distribution. They founded, a company dedicated to the import and distribution of the jackfruit harvest and its by products. After five years producing and distributing the jackfruit, Miriam was able to get a small loan to get the FOOD TRUCK that is now known as La Jacka Mobile. La Jacka Mobile Taco Truck, has three years working to promote the jackfruit as a vegetarian or vegan option in tacos for the Central Valley. This now would help support of her family economically and help carry out the dream of showing everyone the benefits of the strange large fruit from Asia, that now is harvested in Mexico. Miriam is now able to take the taco truck to the most remote communities of the State of California, participating in events like town fairs, university and school event and stationed on a small street side in southeast Fresno. One event after another got La Jacka Mobile to be known for delicious Vegan option tacos. She has even been interviewed by an Asian news magazine of India. The people in Asia admire her for being a great woman who is the first person that they hear about, via social media, to elaborate and distribute Jacka products in the United States. La Jacka Mobile Taco Truck great efforts has taken them to where they are right now, with a promising future and with a great dream to feed America a different vegetarian option in their life.

You can find La Jacka Mobile rolling around Fresno all week, from Monday to Sunday, weather you go to Fresno City College, Clovis Community College, even Ftesno State University or Pacific University for specialk events, as well as the best Farmers Market located in the Riverpark Mall every Tuesday night 3pm-8pm, or Saturday from 11am-4pm. La jacka will also provide you with their delicious food in Gazeo Garden Nursey almost every weekend from 5pm-9pm, or some recognized Breweries in Downtown Fresno.

Find La Jacka on siocial media Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jackamobile/?hl=en ,

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LAJACKAMOBILE/

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